TIMM is Back

And now we’re looking for analysts and Members to help build the community.

It’s not that we really went anywhere, but developing the features we had in mind proved to be more challenging that we anticipated. And the developer we had working on it originally wasn’t able to complete the task, leaving us with a need to start over. So we did. And we think TIMM’s better for it.

The new look and feel of TIMM is quite different than what we started with. The dark layout is easy on the eyes and the community features are very intuitive and easy to navigate.

Come on over and set up your account, participate in the Trading Pits (TIMM’s main trading group or room), share your insights and learn from others. Basic Membership is free.

If you want to step it up a bit, become a Premium Member. Then you’ll have access to the more advanced Trading Floor (a premium trading group) and the ability to post to the new Hive blockchain directly from your TIMM account. Your articles get published in the TIMM Member stream on the front page, to the Trading Pit and folks can access your blog to see what you’re up to. The subscription shows a fee, but you get 30 days free. If you like it, TIMM has a limited number of free one-year subscriptions for those who are interested. Simply reach out to us in the Support Pit or you can direct message TIMM in our own Chat box.

If you really want to step it up a notch, you can become a TIMM Mentor. As a Mentor, your articles will be featured on the home page, excerpts of them will go to our subscribers’ mailbox and you’ll have your own private Pit (or group) that you can charge access to, setting your own rates. You’ll also have access to the Mentors only Backroom, where you can discuss strategy and collaborate. As with Premium Membership, all articles published on TIMM can be published to your Hive blog automatically as well.

As with our Premium Membership, TIMM has a limited number of free Mentor accounts. But, due to the need to manually set up some of the features, there is no trial period. If you’re interested, please set up a free account and contact us in the Support Pit or you can direct message TIMM in our own Chat box. Show us some of your work so we can discuss whether TIMM is a good match for you.

Thanks for reading!
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