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Well that was another fun week!

2020 has now gone so far beyond a joke that I’ve run out of negative superlatives for it. My wife has just lost yet another family member, our electricity supply is touch and go, wife needs multiple surgeries that can’t happen due to Covid-19 and my useless government can’t even licence my vehicle…

But hey, life goes on!

Luckily I’m a realist, so I always see both sides of the coin: the bad in good times, but also the good in bad times. While I don’t see things ever improving with my terrible government (the source of almost all my misery), on the plus side, it looks like altcoins are waking up for real.

I’m hesitant to call it “altcoin season” yet, but it MIGHT be altcoin season! Ethereum breaking and sustaining a price of $400 for the first time since Crypto Winter 2018 may be the watershed moment that altcoins have been waiting for. Perhaps this will be the catalyst that finally gets altcoins some of the love which they so richly deserve – the good altcoins that is (not you XRP!).

It’s funny: the worse life gets, the more upbeat I become. The more time goes by, the more my predictions come true and my decisions become validated. Macroeconomic trends are following the paths I thought they would, and government decisions are resulting in the consequences I thought they would. Based on this, I take heart in knowing that I’ve invested my time and money in what are (probably) the right places.

Of course if I’m being proven correct it means that the world is visibly falling apart – which is obviously a rather large negative. However, I’m comforted by the fact that I try hard to educated and “save ” all those who I possibly can. Not a day goes by that I don’t at least try to educate someone about cryptocurrencies, the evils of fiat money, or the corrupt circus that is our governments. I’ve already done so today (both individually and generally), and will probably do so again before the sun goes down. Thus I sleep soundly at night, knowing that my conscience is clear because I’m doing what I can to help others.

When I first started blogging about crypto my goal was to save just one person, with every additional person being a bonus. Having personally walked a good few people thorough the beginning phases of getting into crypto, I know that I have achieved that goal. Who knows how many people I may have reached through my blogs – hopefully a good few – though (of course) not as many as I would have liked.

I can’t control my future, but I can grab opportunities which come along. If all goes well, then my strategy of grabbing onto what I consider to be good and right will eventually pay off – as it appears to be doing. I still need my wealth to increase by a factor of well over 10x in order to achieve financial freedom (and perhaps buy my way into a better life for me and my family), but I’m happy that I’m on the right path to one day do so, sometime before the end of this new decade.

I am grateful for what I do have, it’s much more than many other people. Those who have never lived outside of a first world country probably can’t imagine just how little billions of people have to survive on. If I had one wish then it would be for everyone to know what it is that I know. If only the masses knew that their support of manipulative tyrants is their own downfall. Sadly, a well established institution of biased education and media manipulation ensures that this wish stays in the realm of pipe dreams.

Last night I was engaged in a heartbreaking debate with a friend of mine – a very good man with whom I did some rather hectic military training over 20 years ago. It is terrible to see how this good person has complete faith in an inept and self-serving government. I’m trying very hard to open his eyes, but I can’t force someone to do that which they do not want to do. I’ll just keep on trying. Hopefully I will get through to him before it is too late.

Thankfully, the coming economic collapse (already well underway – the dominoes of the broken economy ARE toppling!) will open many more eyes and provide a ripe enough environment for decentralised finance to make serious inroads into the tyrannical structures which currently oppress us all. I truly believe that cryptocurrencies stand a good chance of changing the world for the better, and I will keep on pushing this narrative for as long as I am able.

Take care all.


Yours in crypto

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