Elastos – A Longshot Worth A Shot

Elastos (ELA)and I have had a chequered history. Trading it I’ve had some wins, some losses. As an investment, to date, it hasn’t been a great success. However, in contrast to a few other under-performing cryptos I’ve held – I’ve never wanted to ‘be rid’ of my Elastos position. Quite simply, it’s the crypto I feel has the greatest possible return on investment potential.

Now, let’s be absolutely clear – it’s a long-shot even by the standards of its crypto brethren. Elastos is a hugely ambitious project. It’s that ambition that led me to invest in it in the first place and so far, I’ve seen nothing that fundamentally undermines my investment thesis.

What is Elastos?

It’s an operating system (and blockchain) that seeks to create a blockchain powered-decentralized internet. Long in development, it aims to give its users complete control over their digital assets and data in an entirely distributed environment and in a fundamentally more secure manner.

This video is a good introduction to their vision:

Elastos is a complicated project with a lot of different strands.

This video gives an excellent overview of the project:

The Charts

The Market hasn’t been kind to Elastos:

Peaking at 0.0086 BTC ($85 at the time Feb 2018) before falling to a low of 0.00051 BTC ($2.00 Feb. 2019) – early investors who held have seen massive depreciation in value. ELA is currently trading at 0/000726 ($3.78). However, development continues in this project of grand ambition. A team of over 70 engineers adds credence to their endeavors.

At a Glance:

Total supply 34 million – though much of pending supply is tied up in foundation – Cyber Republic.

2019 Roadmap

Investment Thesis

Buy at market.

A small portion of total crypto investment portfolio – no greater than 1%

A hold for at least 5 years

Binary proposition -you’ll either make many times your investment or eventually lose the lot.

I have no sell order on this – as if successful, value is unknown but exponential


True long-shot – perhaps 20% chance of gaining traction.

High risk of losing the entire investment.

Multi-year horizon 5+ years

Require a lot of research from an investor – to feel ‘comfortable’ with their position.

Please do not invest in Elastos until you have taken the time to research the project and ascertain for yourself whether or not it has potential.


Elastos Website

Cyber Republic

An Introduction to Elastos

Recent Interview with Founder of Elastos Rong Chen

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