$EOS Intermediate Analysis

If you have followed me you know that I am big on the EOS train. The run up to $26 was real, and the crash and burn dip to $2 is also real. I am scooping up every chance I get at these levels. Let’s take a look at what we look like now….


You can see the spike and puke on an intermediate timeframe and watch how the asset goes sideways from that point. Then you have the shakeout that all of crypto had that I called a week ago and now we have grinded higher. AS LONG AS WE STAY ABOVE 3.55…we are on the way up. Zooming out a tad you can see that major intermediate support on a 4 hour time frame is below around 3.15.

This 4 hour chart looks fan-freakin-tastic. You can see the rising moving averages along with the testing of the prior support areas from DEC 2018-JAN 2019. You want to be MEGA long this asset above 3.15. Easy play, Easy Analysis.


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