$EOS launchpad engaged? $100 possible? (No, I am not crazy…) #crypto #eos #blockchain

As many of you know I am a HUGE graphene blockchain fan and this includes the likes of STEEM, BTS, and EOS (As well as WLS and some others built on top of them). I have been following and accumulating EOS since November of 2018. In fact I hopped on the train then, but really haven’t been adding to the position until many days throughout January and now. This asset is a no brainer…

Dan, the creator of EOS, also the creator of STEEM, also the creator of BTS, also the guy who tried to convince Satoshi that bitcoin couldn’t scale…is leading this charge. Yes, I know that he has left numerous projects behind, but in fact I KNOW that leaving STEEM was not his fault. I also KNOW that EOS was the platform that he always WANTED to create. So with that being said, I believe this guy is going to be compared to the likes of Musk, Jobs, etc. in the future. EOS is ripping through resistance and was one of the first crypto currencies to be printing highs over the past 24 hours.

If you have been following crypto for the past few years you know that the asets trades exponentially. This is portrayed much better on a logarithmic time scale and will make MUCH MORE SENSE. I have seen price target after price target hit on a logarithmic scale and what made me believe that bitcoin was going to $11K+ this last runup. Check out EOS below…

The last runup went from $0.50 to $23. That is roughly a 40x increase. If this pattern would repeat, you are looking at EOS breaking $100 if the crypto market turns bull again. This would put EOS at a 90 billion dollar market cap. Far from the peak Bitcoin market cap of 327 billion. In fact if EOS were to reach the prior peak bitcoin market cap you are looking at the price of EOS being over $390+…


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