Alts Giving a Modest Bounce But Volume Lacks

Well it is nice to see a little green out of the alts the past 48 hours, but volume is lacking so it may just be sellers tacking a break as opposed to buyers coming in.

Taking a look at some bigger alts…

Looking at LTC you see volume is lighter than usual and a little bounce should not be of surprise as price had sold off 5 straight days.

I do like that this bounce we create a higher low from that bottom around 80.  Either way, nothing too exciting going on.

Ethereum range bound

Ethereum has been bouncing around  between 200 and 230 roughly for a little while now.  An uptick after touching 200 yesterday is also not much of a surprise, volume is also very light on this up day.

Action is muted

At this point I’m waiting for the alts to do something, the market is rather quiet otherwise.

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