Litecoin Price Analysis – Let the Retest Commence!

Here it is folks, it was somewhat expected and is now in the midst of occurring.  I’m ore than okay with this as I like orderly price progression.

Litecoin Testing Prior Resistance as Support

Looking at the chart we saw litecoin smash through the $74-75 level and push almost to $100.  However, odds were we’d see a pullback and maybe even a retest of this level, especially considering how long it had been since we were at these levels.

So that is what’s now taking place.  Big red candle that closed today and so far the new daily candle is red too.

Price got into the low 75’s before rallying off the lows so that is a good sign to start, but either way we want to have hold about that 75 area level and essentially confirm that as support now.

There was bound to be a noticeable pullback in cryptos, let’s hope it’s a shallow one.

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