Steem Price Rally – Keeps on Passing Me By

Does something count as a rally if it doesn’t breakout above it’s nearest resistance level?

The Alt Rally That Wasn’t?

So after BTC ripped we did see a small alt rally, especially in the larger cap coins like ETH, LTC, EOS and even XRP.

All of these coins pushed higher out of the ranges they had been stuck in.  Unfortunately STEEM did not do the same.

Looking at the chart in the post you can see we saw a little price rally for a few days that tested the 40 cents resistance area only to get smacked down.

Disappointing indeed, but atleast it made a run at the resistance level with a brief uptick in volume.

That is about as positive as I can get about the price action.  What we really need is for price to turn higher so that a higher low is created and it tests 40 cents again.

Outside of that the price action looks rather weak on STEEM.

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