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TIMM Trends – 4 May, 2019 – MentorMarket Proxies, Boid Team EDNA

Greetings Investor,

TIMM’s been a bit quiet around here for awhile. As most of you are likely aware, we’re gearing up to become the first sub-Trybe, providing us with plenty of things to do in preparation. Much of the work will be happening in ways you won’t see, but will make us able to operate behind the scenes. We’re hoping to have the site fully moved over by the beginning of July. But you know how development can go. It often takes twice as long and costs twice as much as anticipated. So we’re holding our timeline loosely.

We’re really excited to now have three proxies running. TIMM’s EOS BP proxy (mentormarket) has been around for quite awhile now. We were also one of the first few BOS BP proxies as well (mentormarket). In addition, TIMM is an active proxy for Steem witnesses. You can follow the TIMM proxy by simply writing “timm” in the bottom field on the Witness vote page.

As of a couple of days ago, TIMM became a proud member of Boid’s Team EDNA. If you don’t know about EDNA, make sure to check it out. We’re super excited about their work in DNA mapping and enabling people to own and market their own DNA. Not only is this a game-changer in the affluent areas where many unknowingly hand over valuable information for ethnic checks, but it offers incredible opportunities in regions where people are too poor to participate otherwise. Joining the team helps us to do a little to promote the project, plus TIMM has been accumulating EDNA in our desire to provide resources for folks who might not have such opportunities otherwise, most notably as our vision to work in Haiti and Chile grows. Use the link above to come join us. Plus, by using that link and participating, you add to our ability to do more.

There is so much more going on that we can’t share yet, but we guarantee that it’s exciting stuff. In fact, being in this space at this time and surrounded by the teams we find ourselves involved with is simply amazing. Opportunities abound.

Speaking of opportunities, have you been keeping up with our analysts? We’ve seen some amazing calls over the last few weeks. Yes, there have been a couple not-so-amazing calls too. That’s the nature of markets, right. And it’s also why the analysts urge caution and strong position management so you can protect what you have and stay in the game. Check out some of their recent entries.



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From TIMM’s Premium Members



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