Gaming is picking up steam again $EA $ATVI @steemmonsters

Gaming and esports has and will continue to be one of the largest influencers with the young millennials. We must face it, they love games. Recently I have been playing a lot of a Fortnite myself, and then EA came out with their own game APEX Legends and you can see this is what happens…

EA ripped straight up on MASSIVE volume. It doesn’t get much more bullish that that folks. Now take a look at ATVI, where you can see the mimic of the patterns. I did this because it is after earnings and the risk is lower, but I found out that people are playing COD the new one. Check the chart below.

This is curling massively with a negative divergence showing bulls are still around I expect this to break up in the near future instead of going lower.

PS I turned on twitch and guess what Ninja was playing? ATVI’s COD. Just a thought.

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