It’s Clear They “Bought the Dip”

After flipping back bullish once the 200 day was taken back, we have continued the “V-shaped” rally back to all time highs. This rally has been incredible and the pain train continues to be higher. It appears that this “long in the tooth rally” may cause a massive short squeeze to the upside. The buyers are pressing and pressing and a volatility expansion up may be in the cards.

Looking at the long term formation it is VERY clear that they “bought the dip”. Check this out.

It’s quite incredible we have seen nothing like this in the last 10 years. And we did not see this even in the last two bubbles. Interesting times ahead for sure. If the bears had any balls they would have pressed below 2750. They got kicked in the nuts and we are back st all time highs. Long TWTR too 🙂

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