Long $TWTR – She Awakes

I have been on twitter for multiple years now and I have been a huge fan. The runup after the IPO was destined to get sold off just like 90% of the IPO runups do. Now what happens is what really matters. TWTR is ran by Jack Dorsey who runs SQ, who is a huge fan of cryptocurrency and bitcoin (So I like him). But seriously, he runs both companies. He is a guy you bet ON, not AGAINST. Trump on Twitter is HUGE for Twitter. I only expect their numbers to do better over the next couple years.

Twitter is the ONLY centralized social media I enjoy. Period, end of story. But now let’s look a tthe chart and why this is a MONSTER Long….

TWTR has been building this rounding bottom and has sold off on the past few earnings reports (and weeks after), but the thing is that price has HELD the lines. Now we are building power on a weekly basis and this week (with a strong close today) have broken up. The measured move from here is easily in the 40s and I imagine you are going to get some panic buying spree on some news ahead. Long TWTR at 33.23.

Let’s Go Tweety Bird!

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