Wanna See What A Measured Move Looks Like? $DIS to 180+

Disney is rocketing forward this morning on news about a new streaming service that will be offered. Disney was always in a great position owning ESPN if they would ever put their politics aside and move forward with advancing their company! Well it looks like we may have found this answer. I have had this measured move mapped out for multiple weeks now, if not months (disclaimer: I have not touched these lines). Take a look…

DIS has traveled out of the financial crisis and pullback in 2011 from 20…to 100-110ish. With this FOUR AND A HALF YEAR BASE of consolidation and correcting through time, it has now broken up. As long as DIS is above 120 this is a MEGA LONG into the 180-200 range over the next 18 months. It doesn’t get much clearer than this folks.

I have had this mapped for a while and the play is starting to break up. If you don’t believe these things can happen, go look at MCD over 105 🙂

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