Will $TSLA succeed? Can Elon turn it around? Buy, Sell, or Run

Tesla. Some people love them, a lot more hate them. Which side are you on?

Tesla is on the struggle bus right now. It seems every day there is a car catching on fire, an employee quitting, a tweet, etc. that is negative on the market price. Deliveries continue to miss, more promises continue to be made. So the question is, does Tesla make it?

I think the chart will tell you. Right now we are at the low end of a MASSIVE range dating back to 2017. (This base reminds me of MCD, LULU, and DIS by the way. ) We are coming in on major support at 250. The shorts are pressing like they have never pressed before. So what is the call?

BUY, SELL, or RUN lol

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So what is it? Buy? Sell? Run?
5 years ago
@peepso_user_27(HeyIm Snuffles)
I am Buying this.
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