India has some of the worlds most polluted cities

India has some of the worlds most polluted cities (WEF)

  • A recent IQAir and Greenpeace study found that of the 30 most air polluted cities in the world, 22 of them were located in India.
  • Estimates from the World Bank claim that the impact of air pollution equates to 8.5% of India’s GDP, which has resulted in new government measures to address the problem.
  • By 2024, India’s National Clean Air Programme aims to reduce air pollution by 20-30%. Some measures include a reduction in the reliance of diesel for public transport, cleaner energy and the implementation of congestion charges and fuel taxes.

Analysis & Comments

  • Reducing air pollution levels is one of the important political drivers behind both EV subsidies & city centre bans on the most polluting cars.
  • This is not just a European phenomenon – although the list of countries and cities that have plans to ban or otherwise reduce traditional ICE (especially diesel) use in urban areas is growing.
  • Air pollution reduction is also important in China – which is why people flag the challenges faced in India. At present India is a tiny market for EV’s – mainly due to protectionist measures aimed at helping domestic industries.
  • If these can be reduced, or circumvented via JV’s etc, India offers massive potential for EV’s, including buses & LGV’s.

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