CargoX – if you haven’t heard of it – you need to read this!

I haven’t done a CargoX post since I posted this one from my phone while on vacation in early January.

It took me quite a while to remember that I published that directly on Steemit (I’m not even going to attempt to use WordPress through an old phone), I was looking everywhere on my TIMM site for it!

Regular readers will know that I am a big CargoX (CXO) believer. Search the STEEM blockchain for “bitbrain cargox” and you will see… Today I just want to remind you that it is still alive and well and that it is very very cheap!

All I aim to do in this post is to share the good news with you that CargoX shares with us in its “Monthly Reviews” emails. You can always read the Monthly Reviews for yourself here:

But firstly, two little points from my side:

  1. In my previous CargoX post I said that I had enough of it and that I didn’t need more of it in my portfolio. Due to its current price and level of progress I am reconsidering that, even though I already hold a very high amount of CXO tokens compared to my other cryptos.
  2. The price of CXO shot up this week. Someone bought a lot of it in one relatively large transaction. It wasn’t large in BTC terms, but it was enough to push CXO to a daily climb of over 600%, so high that I would have sold (and re-bought later) if I had caught it in time. Strangely enough the buy only took place on one exchange. Perhaps there was an error on the part of the buyer, they could have grabbed a lot more for their money had they spread the buy onto KuCoin (where the majority of CXO is normally traded) as well instead of buying it all on CoinTiger. (See chart below.)

Back to the topic at hand: what CargoX said in their January Review

They started by pointing out that CargoX is already a year old. This in itself is a good sign. CargoX listed its token at the beginning of the 2018 bear market, and it is still alive and well – thriving actually. Many crypto projects have died off during the bearish times. I am strongly of the opinion that some of those which survived are much better investments than recent ICOs which are unproven and overpriced by comparison.

CargoX was a legendary ICO in its day: it sold out ($7 million) in only 7 minutes. It’s selling for much cheaper than ICO price now, and it has yet to “Moon”….


CargoX has fulfilled its promises. It has its Smart B/L system up and running. It’s been tested in the real world and demonstrated in public at logistics events such as:

“JOC Logistics, TOC Americas, OceanX Network launch, CryptoFinance conference, NY Supply Chain Meetum, EurTradeNet Annual meet, transport logistic China 2018, Collaborative Innovation Days, the European Commission’s Mobility and Transport department, 6th International Logistics Congress”

It’s not done presenting yet, the SXSW Accelerator Pitch in Texas is on its March agenda.


Because of its success and follow-through, partners have signed on. CargoX names the following:

“Milsped, Fracht AG, OceanX, Global Cargo Alliance, Mana, TPG Logistics, DBA Group, Actual Group, Europacific, Freightalia, Globalink, Global Value Network, Sprint, ConsolFreight, and RoadLaunch. There are some very significant partnerships there!”

Note that RoadLaunch is an IoT, blockchain-based, intelligent freight management system that CargoX partnered with last month. It aims to integrate the CargoX Smart B/L into its HyperLedger system – a system which has thousands of its own users.

But it doesn’t stop there. CargoX was also nominated for awards in 2018, namely:

It is also very close (one step away) from being approved by a global P&I insurers club. This will enable customers to use the CargoX Smart B/L solution with business insurance.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to see CargoX mentioned its intention to move into the air industry as well! I would call that a huge and unexpected bonus to investors. Up to this point CargoX was only ever about the shipping industry.

I know that CargoX is a crypto with centralised control, something which I am generally against, but in this case it must be that way. This is not like the case of Ripple which is pretending to be something it’s not (decentralised and a cryptocurrency). CargoX is a logistics company with a publicly available utility token; a utility token which I regard as one incredible investment.

All CargoX quotes are from the “CargoX Monthly Review – January” – available at

Yours in great low market cap crypto

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