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I’m doing my “Index” posts a little differently this year. Instead of trying to index every single post – TA included, I’m only doing the “best of” type of posts. This may mean that these index posts are less frequent than normal (I used to do them monthly. Okay – monthlyish), I publish them to a strict when I feel like it schedule. 

Since I have not published any Index posts this year, I have a little catching up to do. This post will be followed by another similar one in the not too distant future, probably first thing in April. I don’t want to cram too much into this one post. As you will see, there are a lot of very good links here, I don’t want you to miss good links because I simply gave you too much to read.

For those of you new to my Index posts, this is how they work: I give the post titles hyperlinked to the original posts. Each post has a small description, perhaps with a little feedback of how a prediction went or what changed since I wrote that post. Each Index links to the previous Index and at the end of the year there is an Annual Index with links to all the Index posts of that year. This ensures that you can always access any of the great historical Bit Brain posts merely by following links from my latest Index post. I’ll start this post now and you’ll see what I mean…

Index 2019/1

We begin this post with the link to the previous Index – The final Index of 2018.

Index to crypto with Bit Brain – Edition VII – 2018 contains links to all the other 2018 indices. In this Index you will also find some of my finest posts of late 2018 such as musings about DEXs, the vital Crypto Laws of Bit Brain – a must for any investor, you’ll see how to keep your crypto correspondence private, there are posts about great crypto projects like CargoX, Binance, THEKEY and UTrust and I talk about the dreaded Capitulation.

That was 2018, now on to the new posts of 2019:

Crypto Shopping Cart – 12 January it’s never a bad idea to take note of what Bit Brain buys (as I described yesterday!).

My first series of the year was called “No Kevin, Bitcoin will NOT bite the dust” and was written in response to an article by an economist who thinks otherwise. If you want to know why Kevin is wrong about BTC “biting the dust”, read this well laid out three-part series:

Fiat pairs trading on Binance! introduced Binance Jersey – the fiat trading platform of Binance. It has yet to make big waves, but I expect this platform to be instrumental in the crypto revolution.

Crypto market signals stability – as early as January I saw the signs of stability in the market (the death of the bear), and I called it accordingly. Got that one right, just as I was right about capitulation.

Crypto Shopping Cart – 23 Jan another shopping cart post. Fantastic buys! (If I do say so myself), I’m very happy with them.

A(nother) word on Bitcoin ETFs I spoke about ETFs in 2018, here I speak about them again. I know what ETFs mean to the market. More importantly: I know what they don’t mean.

Bitcoin ventriloquism ripping apart the words of Jamie Dimon (again) – this time his voice comes through the mouths of his minions. I love doing this, it’s like playing sport to me! ? The victory would be sweeter if the competition were stiffer…

Bitcoin Long-term (31 Jan) my long-term BTC updates are always worth a read. I frequently call it wrong with short-term work (though I have learnt to hedge my bets), but my long-term analysis remains unparalleled. This isn’t the latest long-term post, but it’s a good measure of what I can do with what’s available to me at the time, as well as how accurately I can call the future from far off.

Word on the street is… the market is moving sideways. I called it at the start of February. I was right (again). This post explains why and what that means to us.

The next series of the year was called “Ripple – we need to talk“. A lot of work went into this series. Originally a three-part, it gained an unplanned 4th part after I happened to stumble across a relevant (and rather amusing) video clip. This series is an absolute MUST for Ripple investors, and an interesting read for anyone else. You think you know Ripple? Think again! Do NOT buy XRP before reading this!

BTT and the anatomy of an ICO I really enjoyed writing this post, I’m also very happy about what it means to the crypto industry. It’s a great read for anyone unfamiliar with BTT and essential for future ICO investors (or IEOs as the exchange-launched versions are now being called) who don’t have much ICO experience. BTT price has so behaved just as I said it would in this post.

4th of July fireworks? My first post predicting the return of the bulls around 4 July 2019. Read it, see why I say so. I’ve predicted the same thing using different methods since then.

CargoX – if you haven’t heard of it – you need to read this! I love CargoX, I really do. It’s exceptionally cheap and exceptionally good. It also just keeps winning competitions and awards, here is the latest one: In terms of potential ROI vs risk, I know of no better crypto investment. Look here for more outside opinions: I accept CargoX tokens (CXO) or NEO as tahnks…

That’s enough for one post. Bookmark it, refer back to it, read the links.

Yours in crypto

Bit Brain

“The secret to success: find out where people are going and get there first” 

~ Mark Twain

“By this means (fractional reserve banking) government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.”

~ John Maynard Keynes

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