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TIMM: Steem, Hive, LeoFinance, Webinars & Membership

We’re excited to be contributing to LeoFinance now, as well as expanding to the Hive network. TIMM now has webinar services for Mentors too!

TIMM on Hive

Hive: nacimiento de la división de Steem - CoinFabrik Blog en Español

As many are aware, TIMM has been on the Steem blockchain since our inception. While we expect to continue contributing to Steem, our posts will automatically integrate with Hive through SteemPress. This wasn’t really a conscious decision on our part, since SteemPress (soon to be rebranded) only integrates with Hive at the moment. But we are happy to be a part of Hive as well and hope that both blockchains flourish.

TIMM enjoyed a strong voting trail at one time, but it has been neglected recently. With the switch, we’ll check into rebuilding it. We remind you that TIMM posts shared on Scripsio also receive the Scripsio trail upvote.

TIMM on LeoFinance

Expecting to be able to provide our services last year, TIMM was able to get several excellent analysts to post regular content. Through much of this, we were working with Trybe to provide our services in concert with their efforts. However, they too were unable to provide what we expected, so we had to take another direction. And as we struggled to deliver as promised, all but a few went on to other platforms. We noticed that several went to LeoFinance (SteemLeo).

LeoFinance (@FinanceLeo) | Twitter

At the time, our focus was on building TIMM, so we didn’t explore any potential relationship with LeoFinance. But as soon as we got our gateway working, it was one of the first things we explored. As it turned out, it was super simple and both efforts are happily cooperating now.

All TIMM articles that are posted using SteemPress will automatically be posted to LeoFinance, including the LeoFinance site and Hive communities (PeakD). We’re excited to be able to participate and look forward to us being able to complement each others efforts to provide excellent financial research, analysis and commentary. And we’re happy that our analysts can participate in the LeoFinance community, including the LEO token.

How is TIMM different from LeoFinance?

While the focus is generally the same, TIMM is more narrow in striving to provide actionable trading and investing content. LeoFinance has greater breadth and is more of a finance blog community. And TIMM is designed to provide a means for analysts to offer subscription services, including private groups. So if you are an analyst that would like to contribute to LeoFinance and offer your own Trading Pit (group/room), maybe TIMM is what you’re looking for. We’re convinced that it’s a win/win for everyone.

Webinar Services

Utilizing an on-boarding tool, TIMM Mentors are now able to host their own webinars on the site as part of their subscription services (see below). Currently we’re using Zoom for this service, but we’re always looking for better ways to provide our services. This is exclusive for Mentors for the foreseeable future.

TIMM Membership

Basic Membership on TIMM is free. If you want to engage in the Trading Pits you’ll need an account. You can comment on blogs with either a Hive or TIMM account. We’d love to have you come join the discussion.

TIMM’s Premium Membership includes your own blog, with the ability to post directly to Hive and LeoFinance, including the LeoFinance community. Premium Members have access to the Trading Floor, a first level premium Trading Pit for paid subscribers. Also available is the ability to add your products to the store. This is ideal for those who want to engage in a higher level of analytical discussion as well as hone their skills and build a following that might eventually lead to offering their own subscription services.

TIMM Mentors are the main focus of the site. These are our primary analysts. As a Mentor, you will have your own private Trading Pit, where you can charge for access. You’ll also have the ability to host your own webinars to your subscribers through the TIMM interface. Mentors are followed by TIMM’s voting trail and can receive the Scripsio trail vote as well, if they cross post. TIMM is also involved with Trybe, so Mentors can receive TIMM’s Trybe vote as well. But the real value is in the subscription services, which we plan to expand to newsletters and instant alerts in the near future.

Limited Free Memberships

For a limited amount of time, TIMM is offering free one-year Premium Memberships and Mentor memberships based on interest and ability to show some history of quality analysis. If this interests you, please contact TIMM through the website (, expressing your wishes. Simply set up a free Membership and send a direct message through TIMM’s profile ( Please include a link to your analysis as well.


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