Did the Big Boys need a Dip? $BA $DOW

Whenever there is panic it is very hard to push out the noise. There is one thing that you should learn to control, and that is your emotions. With the unfortunate Ehtiopian Plane crash over the weekend, the markets came in and saw the entire airline industry gapping down, BIG. $BA gapped down over FIFTY Points! (12%) I am sure MANY average joes and possibly long term holders from very low levels sold at the open. Then what happened?…

That one day crash was bought, MASSIVELY. You got a gap down that trended up all day, and in the beginning I thought there was no way they took it green, but they were close. You just saw a massive pullback and the big boys bought the dip all in one day. You can see the pullback to test resistance here and as much as I hate this monthyl chart below. As long as $BA stays above today’s open it is going higher. Below today and you get out of the way. It’s a gift when markets gives you pivot points like this. You can be long above this 370 level and out below, keep it simple. I for one am staying away. I would rather by EOS and crypto than mess with a monthly chart like this, but above 370 and it is safe.

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