Index to Crypto with Bit Brain – Edition 2019/3

I can’t believe that it’s already Index time again. I’m almost tempted to put it off, but I know that that will come back to bite me later! It’s been an interesting month and a lot of important information has been covered. With that in mind, it’s rather important that I create this index without further delay.

Previous Index posts:

Index to Crypto with Bit Brain – Edition 2019/2 is my most recent index and was published in early April. In it you will find some posts about what I have been buying in 2019, the long overdue Part 3 of my “Diversification” series, some alternative exchanges worth looking at (rather important with Binance only semi-usable at the moment), a post about how to keep your crypto life anonymous and several other posts which have already proven to be prophetic.

Index to Crypto with Bit Brain – Edition 2019/1 contains links to some fantastic posts such as the series “No Kevin, Bitcoin will NOT bite the dust” where I debunk an argument against Bitcoin, I showed how I called the end of the bear in January and I revisited the old topic of Bitcoin ETFs. The three part (with an unofficial fourth part) series “Ripple – we need to talk” tells Ripple investors all the information that they really need to know about their pseudo-crypto. You can also find a pretty good article about ICOs and the BitTorrent Token rolled into one – probably a good read for any prospective BTT or ICO investors.

Index to crypto with Bit Brain – Edition VII – 2018 is the annual index which contains links to all of my other indices. In this Index you will also find some of my finest posts of late 2018 such as musings about DEXs, the vital Crypto Laws of Bit Brain – a must for any investor, you’ll see how to keep your crypto correspondence private, there are posts about great crypto projects like CargoX, Binance, THEKEY and UTrust and I talk about the dreaded Capitulation.

Let’s get to the latest posts:

Index to the latest posts

Why so SERIOUS? is a post about attitudes and norms in the traditional business world vs in the crypto world. It’s about pretentiousness, appearance, impression, professionalism and other topics relevant to crypto businesses. Don’t miss it if you have a crypto business!

Silver – breaking local support. A precious metals post about (you guessed it) Silver breaking through its local support level. Two weeks after writing this post Silver broke through support. It remains an anomalous commodity, with this post containing my most recent analysis of Silver.

The Crypto Community has Spoken! is about the community spirit in the world of crypto. It focuses on the Craig Wright issue.

Buy Low, Sell High – or Just Buy High: This post is about buying cryptocurrencies that are trading at a high sats prices. There are good reasons for buying some of them under such circumstances…

The RED List is the list of trading pairs which I focus on most. These are the trading pairs which I watch without fail each and every day.

You’re not ready for Decentralisation. Bit Brain delivers a punch to the gut. The nasty truth is that you are not ready for decentralisation yet.

How did Bitcoin cross the Red Sea? This post from 24 April predicted what is happening right now. It’s pretty much spot on. Go check and see for yourself.

Private Blockchains. Ooh, this is a good one! I take a fairly detailed look at private blockchains and make a lot of predictions about how they will work. I make even more predictions about how they won’t work! It looks like I am already being proven right, as you will see a little further down this list…

List of Top 2019 Coins so far is a list of my top performing crypto picks across the board. Quite a bit has changed since I wrote this, which in itself is interesting.

BTC/Crypto update 26 April. A discussion of the (latest) Tether/BitFinex scandal and its implications for the crypto market. I should have come up with a better title for it!

Ripples in the fabric of XRP. There are cracks developing in Ripple’s armour. I try to prise them open a little more.

Crypto Snippets 2019 05 01 deals with various things, many of them not actually crypto related (me and those bad heading choices of mine…). Tether, Ripple, the Nasdaq and precious metals; they’re all in there.

Channelling NEO is a NEO TA post. Thanks to the BTC run (and the subsequent bleeding of the altcoins) this post is now out of date. That’s another way of saying that NEO is way cheaper than it should be…

When last did you look at Oyster Protocol? A post about the death of Oyster Protocol, but more importantly, the birth of Opacity. Opacity has been performing well since I wrote this. If you don’t know what Opacity is, then I suggest that you give this a read.

Well That Didn’t Take Very Long! Remember up above when I mentioned my predictions about Private Blockchains? This post is about those predictions already starting to come true.

The Victimless Hack. The Binance hack. More specifically: why is is a good thing for all concerned.

Bitcoin – This is what’s happening. An explanation of the latest BTC price movements (including the run up to $6k).

Right, that’s another Index done and dusted. Hit Ctrl-D and refer back to it when necessary. Remember: every good post I’ve ever written can be reached by following the links in this post.

Yours in crypto

Bit Brain

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~ Mark Twain

“Crypto does not require institutional investment to succeed; institutions require crypto investments to remain successful” 

~ Bit Brain

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