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I’m still busy catching up my slightly behind schedule “Index” posts for 2019. I published my first one for the year on 27 March, and true to my “when I feel like it” publishing schedule, here is the second one of 2019.

For those of you new to my Index posts, this is how they work: I give the post titles hyperlinked to the original posts. Each post has a small description, perhaps with a little feedback of how a prediction went or what changed since I wrote that post. Each Index links to the previous Index and at the end of the year there is an Annual Index with links to all the Index posts of that year. This ensures that you can always access any of the great historical Bit Brain posts merely by following links from my latest Index post. 

Previous Index posts

Index to Crypto with Bit Brain – Edition 2019/1 contains links to some fantastic posts such as the series “No Kevin, Bitcoin will NOT bite the dust” where I debunk an argument against Bitcoin, I showed how I called the end of the bear in January and I revisited the old topic of Bitcoin ETFs. The three part (with an unofficial fourth part) series “Ripple – we need to talk” tells Ripple investors all the information that they really need to know about their pseudo-crypto. You can also find a pretty good article about ICOs and the BitTorrent Token rolled into one – probably a good read for any prospective BTT or ICO investors.

Index to crypto with Bit Brain – Edition VII – 2018 is the annual index which contains links to all the other 2018 indices. In this Index you will also find some of my finest posts of late 2018 such as musings about DEXs, the vital Crypto Laws of Bit Brain – a must for any investor, you’ll see how to keep your crypto correspondence private, there are posts about great crypto projects like CargoX, Binance, THEKEY and UTrust and I talk about the dreaded Capitulation.

On to links to the latest posts:

Crypto Index Edition 2019/2

Crypto Shopping Cart 12 February – one of a series of such posts: I tell you what I have been buying and a little about the circumstances surrounding the buys. These posts are a good way to see what I considered to be good deals at the time and also show you if I follow my own suggestions or not.

Diversify! I bring to you my third post on the topic of diversification. This post is important because it goes beyond the world of cryptocurrencies and looks at diversification in the greater scheme of investing.

Crypto: Keep your head contains important information on topics such as the recently upgraded KuCoin exchange as well as the soon-to-launch Nash DEX: two exchanges which I expect to be leading the crypto charge in the not-too-distant future.

Crypto Shopping Cart – 20 February is another shopping cart post. Yes, I’ve definitely stepped up my buying in 2019!

Veni, vidi, vici speaks about increased volume without increased price. 

Time to buy Platinum? Ooh you really need to read this one if you haven’t looked at Platinum lately. I’m very bullish on it, and more recently (this was written on 22 February) I’ve seen a lot of other analysts and investors starting to get excited about Platinum too.  They should have just read this post and then they could have bought back then at a cheaper price…

Blockchains for Banks – Looking ahead How banks will use blockchains. What a bank blockchain is and what it isn’t.
Spoiler alert: they aren’t cryptocurrencies – much like Ripple.

Ignore my suggestions – at your own peril I show you why my suggestions are worth listening to, using Enjin coin as an example.

Bitcoin – The future becomes clearer I’m trying to avoid putting regular TA posts into these indecies, but this is a relatively long-term post so I’m including it. The volatile April price movements may have negated this post (it’s a little hard to tell at this stage), but there is still a chance that some of it holds true, so here it is.

Flying under the radar is a vital article for those who wish to remain anonymous and safe in the cryptoverse.

Buy crypto now! – Like this: the importance of buying into crypto ASAP as well as how to do that.

A Bounce is not just a bounce back in the 3000s (USD) BTC took a sudden dip, and then recovered quickly. I explained why this meant higher prices were coming. Of course I was right.

Series time! Holochain is a revolutionary new crypto. I wrote all about it for Trybe’s Holochain competition. For the TIMM version of the article, I split into into four more manageable sized parts.

Litecoin: where should you sell? Very important for Litecoin holders: I explain to you at which sats price I think Litecoin should be sold. Listen to me, I am a genius you know.

Platinum: Crossing the Bar? closely related to my previous Platinum post. Have I mentioned that I’m really bullish on Platinum?

BTC 200 MA – revisited another one of those long-term TA posts that’s worth a read.

Are you still foolishly ignoring me? much like the earlier post where I used Enjin coin to prove the point that I am well worth listening to, I repeated the same thing using Everex and KuCoin Shares as main examples.

Crypto Shopping Cart – 28 March yep, more shopping. I’m worse than a woman in a shoe store.

Crypto Tribalism there is nobody who shouldn’t read this article. You do not realise how far reaching this problem is. You do not realise how much it influences your investing. Even after reading this article you probably still won’t realise the magnitude of the tribalism effect. I consider this one of my most important articles ever.

Bitcoin’s watershed day – 1 April 2019 SOMEONE said that Bitcoin was about to move the day BEFORE it did. In fairness Mr Someone was betting on BTC moving downwards, though he did give the breakout a chance of happening: (which is more than I can say for most other analysts)

By zooming in we can see that the upper limit of the converging triangle has almost been reached. This means that either a bounce or a breakout is imminent.

Bitcoin – What’s happening? published on 2 April this explains the breakout. It deals with a wide variety of very important points in quick summary form – it remains a very good and useful post.

Bitcoin – implications of the rise basically just a continuation of the previous post. Equally important.

Don’t take crypto investing advice from traders I explain why it can be dangerous to listen to traders when making long-term investments.

Crypto Shopping Cart – 8 April about that shopping problem of mine… 
I may or may not have done a little more trading since writing this post.

My Top 10 Holds find out which 10 cryptocurrencies I hold the most of, and why.

Aaaand I’m back up to date!

Bookmark it. Remember: this post is your link to everything of significance that Bit Brain has ever published. Not since the Bitcoin whitepaper has so much important crypto information been available in one place ?

Yours in crypto

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“By this means (fractional reserve banking) government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.”

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