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These Index posts always seem to build up content without me noticing it, I turn around and “BOOM!”, somehow I’m a month behind with them again! Let’s try to rectify that shall we?

As usual, I’ll start with the links to the previous “Index” posts. Bookmarking this post will therefore give you access to all of the very best posts which I have ever written!

Previous Index posts:

Index to Crypto with Bit Brain – Edition 2019/3 is the most recent Index, it was published on 10 May. It contains advice on how formally or informally to style your crypto business, precious metals information, how to buy high priced cryptos and still score, some very serious discussions about Private Blockchains and also about how you think you’re ready for decentralisation – but aren’t. Of course there is a lot more too.

Index to Crypto with Bit Brain – Edition 2019/2 was published in early April. In it you will find some posts about what I have been buying in 2019, the long overdue Part 3 of my “Diversification” series, some alternative exchanges worth looking at (rather important with Binance only semi-usable at the moment), a post about how to keep your crypto life anonymous and several other posts which have already proven to be prophetic.

Index to Crypto with Bit Brain – Edition 2019/1 contains links to some fantastic posts such as the series “No Kevin, Bitcoin will NOT bite the dust” where I debunk an argument against Bitcoin, I showed how I called the end of the bear in January and I revisited the old topic of Bitcoin ETFs. The three part (with an unofficial fourth part) series “Ripple – we need to talk” tells Ripple investors all the information that they really need to know about their pseudo-crypto. You can also find a pretty good article about ICOs and the BitTorrent Token rolled into one – probably a good read for any prospective BTT or ICO investors.

Index to crypto with Bit Brain – Edition VII – 2018 is the annual index which contains links to all of my other indices. In this Index you will also find some of my finest posts of late 2018 such as musings about DEXs, the vital Crypto Laws of Bit Brain – a must for any investor, you’ll see how to keep your crypto correspondence private, there are posts about great crypto projects like CargoX, Binance, THEKEY and UTrust and I talk about the dreaded Capitulation.



As usual I’m leaving out most of the price related and similar posts, they have little historical value and are not worth indexing; what’s left is the good stuff – and boy have we had some good Bit Brain posts lately!

Index to the latest posts:

Trustworthy Crypto Information Many exchanges lie about their trading volume. Wash trading is rampant. I often see estimates which state that 80-90% of crypto trading is wash trading. CoinGecko is doing something about it with its “Trust Score”. They are my favourite coin tracking site for this and many other reasons. Read this post, or see for yourself at

A Stable of Binance Coins – General musings Binance’s own Stablecoins: What are they? What do they mean for crypto?

The Future of Privacy Coins What do you know about Privacy Coins? What do you know about the FUTURE of Privacy Coins? This is important information for the wise crypto investor…

Crypto East vs West This is why you follow me – this is the kind of holistic, global, crypto, politics, warfare, futurist economic outlook that you simply can’t get anywhere else! This, ladies and gentlemen, is what Bit Brain does best.

Altcoin Buying Masterplan (it’s working…) I don’t tell you the names of coins to buy, I tell you the TYPES of coins to buy. Better than any altcoin investing advice you’ll find elsewhere!

Crypto Top 20 – in one paragraph apiece Just what the heading suggests – Bit Brain’s take on the crypto names you hear the most: The Good, the Bad and the Ripple. (I’m hilarious.)

Lets talk about: Facebook’s “Libra” Bookmark it; you’re going to need to refer back to it! Probably the best perspective of Libra that you’ll ever read.

Precious Metal Run Metals move a lot slower than crypto does. For that reason this TA based post gets a place in the Index. Still very relevant.

NEO news I don’t speak about NEO enough. People are still ignoring what is simply the best crypto out there. I make a very small effort to steer them towards the correct path.




There is normally a series or two in these posts, and this post is no exception. From a writer’s perspective series posts are probably my favourite things to write. The format allows me to expand on more than what regular blog posts do.  I put a bit of extra effort into my series posts, and I’m particularly pleased with the result of my recent efforts. If you read none of my other posts, then read these:


The decentralised world is having very meaningful victories, not just in crypto, but in the whole mentality of the Western world. There IS hope! We will see great changes within our lifetimes – these posts not only tell you why, they also point out the first major decentralising changes which are already underway.

Decentralised Victories – Part 1: Introduction and the problem of Money

Decentralised Victories – Part 2: The problem of Power

Decentralised Victories – Part 3: Recent Decentralised Victories and Conclusion


Halving events are surrounded by speculation and opinions – no facts. Litecoin is demonstrating that at the moment. Bit Brain gives you the facts.

The Bitcoin Halving Event – Part 1 

The Bitcoin Halving Event – Part 2



That brings the first half of 2019 to a close – all neatly wrapped up in four Index posts. Take a look at some old posts, much of what I write is designed to remain relevant for years, decades even. There are some very good posts tucked away in my various Indices, and I’m not just saying that because I wrote them.


Yours in crypto

Bit Brain

“The secret to success: find out where people are going and get there first” 

~ Mark Twain

“Crypto does not require institutional investment to succeed; institutions require crypto investments to remain successful” 

~ Bit Brain

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